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29 Jan

Specialist lawyers launch new POA checking service

Posted On: 29/01/2018 01:03:00

Lawyers at Fidler & Pepper Solicitors have launched a checking service for people who have made do-it-yourself powers of attorney documents on the internet.

The new service, similar to passport-checking services, is in response to an increase in work that the firm, with offices in Mansfield and Ashfield, has to do in order to correct documents.

By using search engines, people can download documents such as POA and Wills, and fill in the forms themselves.

But Richard Howard, a partner at the firm, has warned that while it might seem that this is the cheapest way, it could actually prove quite costly.

He said: “With the ease of access to the internet, people can get these forms quite easily. Perhaps it’s a question of time, or a reluctance to go to a lawyer’s office, but some people see this as the best way.

“Problem is, people fill in the forms without being fully aware of whether or not what they are doing is properly covered within the current law and guidelines.

"Getting things wrong can prove costly to rectify. And occasionally these documents are drafted in an emergency - so getting them wrong can be disastrous.  Not only that, these are extremely important issues. If you fill in the documents thinking they mean one thing, they  might actually mean something else."

And he added: “We know though that this is how some people want to do things. However, we would strongly recommend that they get the documents checked by people who are professionals. It will give them peace of mind.”

People who want to get their documents checked should email Richard or call 01623 451111 to make an appointment.