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29 Oct

Halloween Reminder

Posted On: 29/10/2015 04:38:00


Women out for the night in Mansfield will be reminded of the need to stay in control and to plan getting home safely as part of the next Mansfield Partnership Against Crime (MPAC) Night of Action.


Planned for this weekend (October 31) the issue of vulnerable women has been chosen as the theme for the Night following a series of incidents dealt with by town centre agencies involving women putting themselves at risk as a result of excessive drinking.


Recent examples include a lone female who approached police officers at 4am to report that a group of males had tried to get her to leave town with them in a taxi. She was very drunk and unable to provide details of the males or the vehicle. Fortunately she did manage to get away, but as officers working on the night said, it could easily have had a different outcome.


Another incident saw an extremely drunk lone female observed to be zipping her dress up in the town centre. When approached by officers she was actually trying to remove her dress completely as she believed her mobile phone was in it.


She was prevented from undressing and was taken home, where it was discovered she had left her phone – and her keys – with a friend who was still in the town centre.


Town centre inspector Neil Priestley says: “These are just two recent examples of women potentially putting themselves at huge risk as a result of drinking too much alcohol.


“As our Purple Flag status shows, Mansfield is a great place for a night out and we want everyone to enjoy it, but what we and other partners have noticed recently is an increase in the number of women we are having to deal with as a result of them being drunk.”


To help get the message across about staying safe the MPAC Night of Action will see messages played on pub and club screens, Trent Barton in town to provide details of its soon to be extended night bus service and goody bags given away with lip balms, spikeys, lollies, information about the night bus routes and domestic abuse cards for men and women.


As well as the police, officers from Mansfield District Council, Mansfield BID and members of Doorwatch will all be taking part in the Night of Action.


Vision West Notts College is also helping to get the safety reminder out by posting messages on social media, weaving them into health and well-being team tutorials and embedding them as part of its safeguarding work.


Inspector Priestly says: “There will be lots of fun in town on Halloween and we want to make sure it is a night to remember for all the right reasons.


“Our message to everyone, male and female, is don’t drink so much that you behave in ways you never would if you were sober. Stay with your friends and arrange getting home safely. We hope everyone has a great evening!”