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08 Oct

Don't Bin It!

Posted On: 08/10/2012 04:46:00

The Cornwater Club Charity Shop on Queen Street in Mansfield is appealing to businesses to donate their waste textiles to the shop and help raise funds for their old people’s charity and preserve the environment by not sending the items to landfill sites.


These waste textiles, or rags, can be old uniforms, tablecloths, towels, sheets, curtains, even strips of material.  Items which are torn, marked or well- worn are still acceptable. Ron Walker, Chairman said “In these days of corporate social responsibility, businesses can make a positive contribution to charities, at the same time often saving themselves time and effort in disposing of materials for ragging and reducing their waste disposal costs.”


The charity’s appeal for rags was launched to the public last year by the Chairman of Mansfield District Council, but the appeal is now being extended to local businesses.  Sharon Baum, Shop Manager said “Income from rags forms a percentage of our annual turnover and makes a contribution to the upkeep of our club for older people. We are very grateful to those people who already support our rags appeal.   Last year we converted just under 10,000 kilos of rags.  This year we would like to see this figure increase and prevent even more textiles going to landfill”


Any business willing to help should contact Sharon Baum, Shop Manager on 01623 656133