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30 Nov


Posted On: 30/11/2016 10:37:00

Tiny purse bells – appropriately called “jingle bells” at this time of year - are being handed out by members of Mansfield’s Town Team this week.


The festive fun idea has been used by Mansfield Community Partnership (MCP) in previous years and proved extremely popular, helping to reassure people about the safety of personal belongings.


A surprising number of people hook handbags or other bags with valuables inside them on the back of supermarket trolleys or pushchairs. People also carry handbags wide open over their shoulder with purses, mobiles and other valuables on display.


Card shops are particular hotspots, with people putting bags down while they browse through the racks.


These situations offer a perfect opportunity for would-be offenders to take the bags or items in them such as wallets and mobile phones.


Jingle bells campaigns act as a useful reminder to keep purses and wallets safe and when attached to bags and purses work by ringing out a warning when these are moved by those other than the owners. They have proved very successful, with people saying they feel safer and have changed their behaviour because of them.


Purchased by Mansfield BID, the bells will be handed out in town on Thursday. (December 1) at a gazebo in the Market Place manned by BID Ambassador Daryl McGreade and Mansfield District Council’s town centre warden Kath Spowage.


Other Town Team members will give jingle bells out at various locations around town. All staff involved will chat with shoppers about simple ways to keep themselves safe.


Commenting on the work, David Wilson from Mansfield BID Business Crime Partnership, said: “As officially recocognised by its Purple Flag status, Mansfield is a safe place and the jingle bells campaign is one of the ways in which partners help to maintain that. We hope lots of people take the opportunity to pick up a bell and some useful tips.”


Mansfield Community Partnership’s advice to Christmas shoppers is to put your money safe as soon as you get it from the cashpoint or Post Office, keep your purse in a bag with a zip or other secure fastening, keep your wallet out of sight – not in a back pocket, and not to put your handbag down or leave it unattended, for example in a shopping trolley.


The Town Team wishes everyone enjoying the many attractions Mansfield has to offer a very happy Christmas.