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02 Nov

Former errand boy takes over at Mansfield butchers

Posted On: 02/11/2016 03:36:00

A butcher who started work at a Mansfield shop more than 30 years ago when he was just 16 has now taken over the business.


Following the retirement of the previous owner, Shaun Comer is now the proprietor at what was Elliott Meats, in Bridge Street.


And while he has changed the name to Comer’s Quality Meats, he says the service and quality that has helped to build up a loyal customer base over the years will remain.


Shaun said: “I’ve been here 34 years now, joining when I left what was Sherwood Hall School.


“I started as an errand boy and cleaned the place, all the time seeing how things were being done and learning from the butchers.


“Now I know everyone who comes in here and we have a laugh and we talk to people. We have time and we care about what we do. And we know that we serve good, quality meat.”


Shaun’s son, Ben (24), also works at the shop, which sells everything expected from a traditional butchers, such as sausages, joints, steaks, pork, chicken, bacon, mince, eggs and more.


As well as shoppers calling in, the shop also puts together orders for customers who buy a quantity of items.


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