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22 Nov

Cultural Week - 7th -14th July 2012

Posted On: 22/11/2011 05:09:00


Dear Colleague


You may have seen the recent coverage in the Chad regarding the theatre’s plans to stage a series of theatre pieces exploring the town history. This will be part of a weeklong event of cultural activities taking place in Mansfield and the hope is to develop this into an annual event.


The BID will be supporting this project and contributing towards the organisation of other events. 2012 will be a big year for Mansfield with the Olympics coming to town and the Queens Jubilee, we want to capitalise on this and continue to keep the footfall coming into Mansfield.


The BID will continue to keep you updated with plans for this next year and our ideas to keep visitors coming in. Along with the theatre and other partners, this event and others will be heavily marketed to ensure people come and see what we’ve got to offer.


The events will take place between 7th -14th July and it would be great if the business community could get behind this by either sharing your ideas for events with us or by even developing your own ideas or events that the BID could help to market and set up during this week.


Though the theatre has been successful in gaining a Lottery and Arts Council grant to fund the production of their event, further funding is needed to ensure it is as great as can be and encourages as many visitors into Mansfield as possible. Marketing opportunities are available for your business in a variety of packages if you want to get behind this event. Please see the business pack within the Links part of this site.


Please call the BID office or email if you are interested in either using the marketing opportunities the theatre production can offer or taking part in the week’s events.


I look forward to hearing from you 


Kind Regards